Skinnystone Door Design Competition

Yes, we want you to design a door. A door that would just be a plain old, ordinary door. The kind of door that you would find in any home you might visit.

Maybe even your door.

What we want, is for you to take that ordinary door, and transform it into something truly extraordinary!

The best part, is that we only want you to design it, and show us the pretty pictures!

If you win, we will do the hard part, and actually MAKE the door that you designed. 

How do you do that?

It's simple. Just follow the instructions in our great competition promo pieces above.

Check out our product, and how versatile it is, right here on our website.

Next, come on to our Facebook page, check out our videos, and other great images.

Then, submit your door designs (.JPG is a great format!) as a reply, right into our competition post by clicking here.

The hard work is done!

We hold an online vote for the design that is the best, and we announce the winner, by private message, and publicly, right on our Facebook feed! 

Questions or comments? Let us know! Just contact us, and in the subject line, tell us that you have as question about the Door Design Competition.