Is this real stone?  

 The answer is yes, it is real stone.


How do I work with this material?      

Skinnystone wood can be fabricated with regular wood working tools, it can be cut on the table saw using a regular wood blade, holes can be cut out with a jig saw and it installs on the wall with regular contact cement or construction adhesives.

Skinnystone Aqua board and Skinnystone Glass have different backer boards so their fabrication methods will be different. For example, Skinnystone shower board would be treated like a large tile or slab install and should be fabricated and installed as such.

Skinnystone Heat board would also need to be installed and fabricated like a tile product if not being installed in with a zero clearance unit.                                    


Do I need to have grout lines or can I butt joint this material?

Skinnystone could be done either way using an acrylic or non-sanded grout. With Skinnystone Aqua board, it is recommended that a 1/4" grout line be used as it is similar to doing a large format tile installation.


What are your format sizes?

 Skinnystone Slate comes in 2'X 4' format presently. 


Can I get different backers or backer thicknesses?   

 Yes, just ask us. We have great alternatives.


What do I trim Better Slate off with? 

 It can be installed over most existing substrates, providing they are free of contaminants, and can be trimmed off using any regular Schluter or carpet edging trim on the market. For most exposed edges a C cap is used to finish off exposed edges.                                   


Can I use this product for flooring or counter tops?  

 Yes! We have a great ways to use it directly as flooring, and, we are working on some exciting partnerships to bring faster than ever before!


Can I use Better Slate on curved walls?

 Yes you can use Skinnystone Flexi Wood. 


What do I clean it with?

 Clean by using normal non-abrasive house hold cleaners.


Is it eco friendly and does it qualify for LEED credit?

Yes it can. Please refer to our architectural specification sheet.


Can Better Slate be used outside?

Yes! We have some fantastic solutions


Do you offer a show home display program?

Yes we do. Please reach us!